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In schools began to make electronic diaries of pupils by which parents learn about the progress of their child. In Universities and other educational institutions teachers, more practice of dumping lectures on electronic media, as well as practicing self-study topics.

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Thus, the need in visiting of lectures is reduced. Handing coursework or thesis for review, the student can simply throw their work to the teacher by email, while reducing the time spent on journey to place of study, and time of the teacher: he can check the work at a convenient time and send the student with guidance for improvement. In principle, the difference between full time and correspondence forms of training is reduced; and in another case, students independently study the topic.

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Also worth noting is the importance of distance learning. People with disabilities have a chance to get an education, to develop mentally.

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Also information technology have strongly influenced the quality of investigations of crimes of every kind, from minor violations on the way to serious crimes involving the death of a person. There are different kinds of lie detectors, a program that can detect a person's location, allowing a variety of types of examinations, thereby reducing the percentage of errors in the conduct of the investigation.

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  • The percentage of errors decreased as in investigations and in medicine. This is another area where a major breakthrough and a leap forward was made thanks to information technology. Began to carry out operations on vital organs: what died today treated.

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    Have the opportunity to diagnose any organ and to identify the disease: a mistake here can only be a doctor. In conclusion, I would like to mention and highlight one important criterion that plays in our lives an important role: it's in our hands. How we will be dependent on the computer we define ourselves. The man himself determines how to spend time, how to live life. And if you use it and other benefits only for useful purposes, and the extent of life will become easier not only for us but for future generations, and they will not have to suffer from our carelessness and laziness.

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    First von Neumann machine and other works. Like most I use technology such as computers and the Internet to complete schoolwork, projects, and to conduct research.

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    • Technology helps to speed up the learning process for students like myself because it creates a more efficient learning environment in many ways. For example I can write this blog post much faster than I could if I were to hand-write it.

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      But technology is also an important part of my life for reasons other than just education. Technology is also important to me for enjoyment purposes. As a musician I use technology to create and record music.

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      I enjoy experimenting with electronic keyboards and synthesizers to create new and interesting sounds and I use my computer to record and edit these tracks. Technology is also important to me for communication purposes.