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Cameron Highland, which is situated in the state of Pahang, is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Malaysia.

With its cool weather, lushly greens and well-preserved colonial buildings, Cameron highland is certainly the perfect get-away location where both locals and foreigners should spend their relaxing holiday there. In hindsight, from a small Hill station, Cameron Highland has developed into a very popular resort. Nowadays, the resorts on Cameron Highland are built not only for the residents of this country but also to woo overseas vacationers as well.

Cameron Highland, which is famous for its cool and temperate climate plateau is an ideal alternative escape spot from the sweltering heat of the lowlands in Malaysia. Furthermore, with its picturesque view of the surrounding, which is filled with beautiful flowers and mountains, it's simply breathtaking. Cameron Highland, which is, now well developed with numerous luxurious resorts are certainly attracting a lot of visitor.

Most of the resorts are still packed with visitors although the rental is still a little higher. Besides that, a couple of the newest attractions are the newly developed nine-hole golf course, a number of newly renovated quaint hotels and old bungalows, in which many of them are built according to the English cottage of the Tudor period.

I think the Markham Fair is the best destination in Canada! If you found any of these three reasons interesting, you should visit the Markham Fair this fall, and all the ones after! From coast to coast, Canada is home to some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world with its soaring mountains, lush forests and stunning beaches. In the center of it all you will find a not so hidden gem just a couple hours north of Toronto that has captured the hearts of millions of people all around the world.

Located in central Ontario, The District of Muskoka, Ontario, is home to 60, permanent residents and , seasonal property owners who migrate every summer, according to Statistics Canada. In addition, 2. According to National Geographic, the Muskoka Region was ranked number one for best trips in With some 1, lakes, scenic trails, beautiful rock faces, and picturesque towns, it is no wonder that Muskoka has captured so many hearts.

Later, with the invention of the automobile and the fiberglass boat, ownership of a summer home became a popular trend, continuing today with people travelling from all over Canada and the United States in the summer. Muskoka is still home to the oldest operating steam driven vessel in North America, the Segwun, built in , which is now used for tours and events.

Muskoka has held my heart for as long as I can remember. Like so many families, it has been a weekend and holiday destination to escape from the busy every day life of a big city and enjoy the tranquility of nature. When I first went to Niagara Falls with my family, I was a baby. While the waterfalls were beautiful, there were few other attractions and the city was quiet.

Since then, my family and I have visited multiple times each year as a holiday. Every year, I came back to the city older and we watched Niagara Falls grow up too - from a quiet, occasionally visited town to a bustling, beautiful city filled with tourists and attractions for everyone. Niagara Falls will always be my favourite Canadian destination. The arcades, restaurants, waterparks, and the stores in Niagara On The Lake are enjoyable for everyone. Each year, I enjoy the fireworks, the friendly atmosphere, and the natural beauty of the city. Most of all, I enjoy visiting Niagara On The Lake, a quaint nearby town filled with old-fashioned stores, historical architecture, a beach, and beautiful trees and gardens.

Happy families, couples, and even wedding guests always gather in the town during the summer. Even in the winter, although cold, the architecture, shopping, and historical significance of the town are wonderful. Niagara Falls represents all that Canadians love about our country: the beautiful natural landscapes, the enjoyable and fun-filled attractions, the architecture, and the inclusive and wonderful culture that attracts people from all over the world.

The Legislative Building is a beautiful, historical place that represents our democracy. Behind its wooden doors, I have made many happy memories. Several memorable moments in my life come from this experience. I will never forget the first time I wore my uniform and proudly walked the floor of the Chamber. I met so many people who truly embodied what it meant to be Canadian, including Speaker Levac, Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Premier Wynne, as well as the peace officers, student ushers, and staff who made my time there enjoyable.

Since its completion in , the building has become a monument to our culture and history. The carvings in the sandstone are symbolic and aesthetically pleasing - especially to me. Even the interior of the building tells a story. For example, one wing is built out of wood, and the other wing is built out of marble, all because of a fire that took place in Inside the building, the legislative assembly meets, a tradition rooted in our Constitution.

Although the MPPs may have differing opinions, all of them are passionate about improving Ontario. Every day, these men and women gather to discuss the challenges facing Ontarians, tirelessly problem-solving for a better Canada. What makes you proud to be a Canadian? There's no place like it. Nestled in trees, lofty white pines, tall black spruce, and maples, oaks and birch, the tiny village of Dorset, Ontario has been the place I've returned to every summer for over sixty years.

The village itself, invites visitors to take a walking tour, enjoy the fresh air, relax and unwind.

Soak up the vibes, feel the opulence of this desert city.

The pristine waters of Lake of Bays beckon everyone to either jump in for a swim, skim across the lake in canoe or kayak, or sit on the dock to watch the boats come and go. Dorset boasts Canada's best General Store, Robinsons, and any visitor to Dorset delights in the treats and treasures to be discovered while roaming around the aisles of the old store. You can buy penny candies, ice cream and even leather moccasins in the General Store. No one leaves the store without some memento of a visit to Dorset.

A major tourist attraction is the Lookout Tower, which operated as a forest ranger tower years ago. The climb to the top is invigorating and the spectacular view that awaits makes the climb worthwhile. Picnic areas abound around the village with ready access to thee fresh water of the lake. A highlight of the summer in Dorset is the celebration of Canada Day on July 1st. Villagers and tourists gather at dusk on the two large docks in the village centre to enjoy the fireworks display.

Entire families turn out to view the amazing colours that fill the night sky. Children wave tiny Canadian flags while shouting gleefully as each firework explodes over the water. Part of our Canadian identity is the peace and tranquility we all treasure. Dorset, Ontario offers beauty of landscape, peaceful surroundings, friendly people and that's what makes it my favourite Canadian destination.

My mom has guided me lightly off the worn path to admire the trilliums, springing fresh from the cool shaded forest floors. I have ventured deep into the skinny caves to feel ice on the limestone walls in July. I have started hikes at the east, south and west entrances, taking different routes each time. My favourite journey starts along Cliff-Top Side trail, taking photos from the observation platform that never do the view justice. Last summer I passed three men of varying ages wearing kilts on this trail.

At the top, I burst from the shade into the sunlight to relish the glorious victory of reaching the peak. On clear days you can see the CN Tower kilometres to the southeast. My dog Lady, who loved hiking with me, carried sticks, greeted fellow hikers, and swam in the pond where Spillway, Carriage and Link trails all converge, while I would rest on the bench watching the turtles sunbathe on logs. Ready to head back, I made my way around the pond, remembering only then, that I am at the bottom of the escarpment, and I need to make my way to the top up the endless stairs.

I always forget about the stairs. I enjoy travelling the world, but I would never call another country my home. There is so much here to love. I have lived and visited many places across Canada, but Mono Cliffs is where my heart lives. It never seems to change, but it always changes me. My favourite place in Canada and where I put my heart in Canada is the village of Mount Albert, Ontario because it is a small village and it is my home.

I could not ask for a better place in Canada to live. The village is not a popular village but it is a wonderful place to grow up. Mount Albert is in the town of East Gwillimbury. In Mount Albert there are farms, stores, fire hall, a doctor's office, dentist's office, parks, library, schools, restaurants, nice homes and much more.

I have been to many places in our wonderful country. I have skated the river in Ottawa. I have travelled through the scenic Thousand Islands. I have walked the beautiful streets of Quebec and witnessed the magnificent water falls in Niagara. While Mount Albert may not be as famous or scenic as all those places, it is my favourite place and holds a special place in my heart because it is my home!

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There is no place that could ever change that. I will always remember Mount Albert, even if one day I leave it. It will always stay in my hear as the place that I grew up and live and the memories will be buried in my heart. It is the little places that people call home that make Canada great. I am proud to be a Canadian and I am proud to celebrate the th birthday of Canada!

As the second largest country in the world, Canada has seemingly endless amounts of landscapes that are unique and beautiful in their own way. Personally, there are hundreds of places in my own neighbourhood that hold special memories in my life that I will never forget. But when I think about Canada as a whole and how this country has touched my life and shaped me into the person I am today, there is a particular place that comes to mind.

In the summer of , I had the opportunity to travel to Alberta with my family for a week. I have always been an avid traveller and have been fortunate enough to travel to many different countries throughout the years. But oddly enough, I had never been interested in venturing around my own country and learning what it has to offer. But, I am so glad that I had the opportunity to go on this trip as it showed me that Canada is one of the most beautiful and exciting places in the world. I chose this picture because even now when I look at it, I remember how I felt while standing at that exact spot.

I felt so small and insignificant in comparison to these large mountains that loomed over me and I realized that many issues we worry about today are meaningless when compared to these huge mountains that have stood tall through countless years and issues.

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I believe this place truly encapsulates the true beauty of Canada and the love that myself along with all other Canadians have for this beautiful place. Might I say that years has never looked better on anyone, Happy Birthday Canada! Ottawa is my favourite Canadian destination for these three reasons. For example how beautiful Ottawa is , the family gatherings that we have and the family restaurant that my grandparents started we my great uncle and more. In Ottawa, we have a lot of family gatherings with all of our relatives. Every year, we gather at my great grandfather and great grandmother's grave to pay respect to our ancestor.

After we pay respect, we will all go to a delicious dim sum restaurant. Every other year we attend a Christmas party where we meet all of are second cousin, my great uncles and aunts, my uncle and aunt and my grandparents and more.

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Also, there are so many museums that are free on Thursday after 4 pm. There is a skating rink named Rideau Canal which is open only in the Winter when the water on the canal has frozen. It is also the longest skating rink in the world. It's so long that you can skate all the way to downtown and back. Ottawa is also where my great grandparents migrated when they came to Canada. They started a restaurant called the Ho Ho restaurant because they were forced to leave their home country.

Every time we visit, we go to the Ho Ho restaurant. We eat all of our dinner there. School is a place that many enjoy being at; surrounded by friendly faces and teachers that are always smiling and willing to help. However, school is something more than just a place to learn for me.

It is the area where I dealt with my stutter. I was six when I was diagnosed with a case of severe stuttering. She gave me lessons once a week and explained how stuttering was nothing to be ashamed of and how I should be happy that I was in such a unique situation. I was taught strategies to overcome my stuttering such as deep breathing and soft beginnings. I began to get better and I could speak more fluently and clearly after three years. School is truly a wonderful place for me; it is a building where I learned to overcome something that almost doomed me for the rest of my life. I still remember all the help that I received from school and because of that, it is the place in Canada that has my heart.

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My favourite Canadian destination is Tobermory, ON. It is a place in Canada that truly has my heart. The reason why is simply that we have been there many times, and I imagine many more to come. Anyone that has been there can attest; it is a very peaceful place. When we go, we stay at our favourite campsite, and we even take our two dogs. We enjoy hiking there on beautiful trails, and the dogs swim in the lake. All the lakes are safe and clean. We have many campfires and have met many people, all of them are very friendly.

We go into town and the scenery is beautiful. We enjoy going out on the water and this is truly breathtaking. We even took boats out that are dog friendly to Manitoulin island, which is also very beautiful. I am truly t hankful to be a Canadian; to have a nice place to live, health care, a roof over our heads and healthy food to eat. Other places in the world certainly do not have it as good as we do.

All of us need to really appreciate what we have and to count our blessings. When I was a little girl, as a family we would go tobogganing; I still do this today with our three grandchildren. We would go to the lake and picnic and swim and we still do this today. I feel safe to do these things in Canada.

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My favourite Canadian destination. How could I possibly choose? The entire country is a work of art! The splendiferous, colourful nature and wildlife, the sparkling snow and flowing bodies of water, the towering mountains, and the crowded, bustling cities. It is all so amazing to see. I personally enjoy quiet, peaceful nature more than the loud and hectic cities. So it would make sense that my favourite destination is Lake Louise, Alberta.

I am an Aquarius, so, naturally, I love the water. The way it glistens in the sun, the way it moves when I splash it with my hand. And Lake Louise is no exception. I love the hue of turquoise that the lake represents. The colour is a result of the light filtering effect of the rock flour in the glacial runoff.

Cool, right? It is just so hushed. It would be a great place to read a book, meditate, and decompress. In addition to that, I also love how the snow-capped mountains circle the lake so that it is tucked away into a little nook. It is just so impressive. I went there in the summer of The summer is when the lake shines the brightest and gives off the purest aquamarine shade of blue.

It is just a gorgeous place. I could live there if I could! Lake Louise looks so warm and inviting, but resist your temptations and don't go swimming! Looks can be deceiving, and even though the water resembles the toasty waters of the Caribbean, the water is rarely above 5 Celsius! But despite the frigidness of the pond, it is one of the most beautiful places in my opinion. The simple beauty of the body of water is just so mesmerizing.

I love Lake Louise for its colour, science, and uniqueness. And that is why Lake Louise is my favourite Canadian destination. I love Rossland as every morning I get up and see the mountains. I am a cross country skier and a downhill skier so without the beautiful mountains and hills in Rossland and in BC there would be nowhere to ski. Rossland is a small town of 3, people. I think that we get the best of both because we are in the middle.

Another great thing is transportation, there is a freeride bus that goes all over town and gets a bunch of people to work and the ski hill. The freeride bus even goes by my house! This bus provides the mountain with more customers. In Rossland there are only two elementary schools: the French school and the English school.