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LVRT techniques vary according to the turbine and utility grid variables. A survey of the state-of-art LVRT techniques highlighting the merits and demerits of each approach is carried out. Also PMSG control, maximum power point extraction, and grid active and reactive power control are investigated. System performance is studied in compliance with British grid codes for active and reactive power sudden changes, frequency excursion, and grid voltage phase angle jump. The model is tested for LVRT capability under symmetrical network dips. Magnetic amplifiers have been used in various applications such as instrumentation, fault current limiting, and battery chargers.

In this thesis, magnetic amplifiers are proposed as part of a LVRT capability enhancing technique.

By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Download full text in PDF Download. Procedia Manufacturing Volume 26 , , Pages Under a Creative Commons license. Keywords additive manufacturing. Galassini, Alessandro Distributed speed control for multi-three-phase motors with enhanced power sharing capabilities. Garibaldi, Michele Laser additive manufacturing of soft magnetic cores for rotating electrical machinery: materials development and part design.

Knott, Andrew N.

The effect of wind turbines on subsynchronous resonance

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Zhang, Guangcheng Smart energy harvesting utilizing flow-induced techniques. Zhang, Lanyun Using mobile technology to facilitate the user experience of group holiday decision-making. Aliyu, Attahir Murtala On-board health monitoring of power modules in inverters driving induction motors. Buckley, Gary Fault detection and tolerance of electrical machines in automotive applications. Diaz, Matias Control of the modular multilevel matrix converter for wind energy conversion systems.

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