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Jazz music was seared into the souls of blacks and its rhythm and excitement was contagious to whites. So will my page be colored that I write? The common working man, such as carpenters, boat men, and a wives and mothers, are all strong and happy. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is a dream for the future, this America has never been. The American dream has not yet been achieved but many have struggled for it.

In this parallel repetition, all races have something in common with each other. He is saying there it is the way of the world for the powerful to take advantage of the less advantaged people. He has a dream of America being free and equal. The dream of what could be is what keeps people going.

Another prominent theme running through many of these poems are dreams that are not yet realized. Again, in Harlem two, what happens to a dream deferred? Hughes uses visual as well as sensory imagery to describe the dream that is set aside. His messages however, have an optimistic quality about what can someday be achieved. He paved the way for many others in the literary as well as political world to address the racial divide in America. The Harlem Renaissance brought about many great changes.

It was a time forexpressing the African-American culture. Many famous people began their writingor gained their recognition during this time.

Langston Hughes Biography

The Harlem Renaissance took placeduring the 's and 's. Many things came about during the HarlemRenaissance; things such as jazz and blues, poetry, dance, and musical theater.

The African-American way of life became the "thing. Harlem was originally a Dutchsettlement Harlem Renaissance Period of literary, musical, and artistic production among African Americans; reached peak in 's; centered in Harlem, New York. Ended in crash of stock market Why was Harlem a magnet for blacks?

For whites? Blacks fled the poverty and racial violence in south hoping to find economic and personal freedom. Whites went to night clubs for jazz music and some were interested in Harlem's culture "New negro" movement Rejection of "beastlike" image or sentimental "Old negro" image. Blacks believed they had a right to define and defend themselves against attack. Langston Hughes Most important and original of Although Bob Dylan is more characterized as a songwriter, I see much of his work as poetry. Both poets use social protest to make their points.

Langston is talking of times that were not particularly good in any way for African Americans. In the poem Harlem 1, he speaks of a time when black Langston Hughes was born on February 1, in Joplin, Missouri. Hisgrandfather was Charles Langston, an Ohio abolitionist.

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His work was deeply influenced by jazz, and he often wrote in a simple and straightforward fashion, sometimes even using the vernacular. Hughes was born in in Joplin, Missouri, a descendant of prominent abolitionists. His racial heritage was a mix of Indian, African, and French. Hughes's father moved to Mexico while the poet was still a child, and Hughes's mother took him to Lawrenceville, Kansas to live with his grandmother. Hughes and his mother lived an itinerant lifestyle while she looked for work, and she made sure to expose her son to literature and theater.

Hughes began writing at an early age and published poems and short stories in his Cleveland high school periodical. He also became the editor of the school's annual and was elected his class poet. Besides the work of Walt Whitman and Carl Sandburg, Hughes found inspiration in the writing of leftists, philosophers, and progressives.

After graduating from high school, Langston Hughes traveled to Mexico to visit his father.

Along the way, he composed his first major poem, "The Negro Speaks of Rivers," which was published in W. DuBois's The Crisis. That Hughes writes " I am the darker brother" instead of " we are the darker brothers" is no accident 2. The connotation of the word "I" as opposed to "we" is that of a lone individual, defenseless and outnumbered. The speaker says " They send me to eat in the kitchen," reinforcing the one-versus-all mentality that Hughes is trying to convey in this poem 3.

In this poem, "I" is used to connote weakness, and isolation.

The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain

As used in this poem, the first-person voice highlights the weakness of the African-American people. However, this is not the only way that Hughes uses "I" in his poetry.

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On the other hand, Hughes' poem "Theme for English B," uses the first-person voice for an entirely different effect. In this poem, the "I" is an individual student. The poem is written like a narrative: "I am twenty-two, colored, born in Winston-Salem" 7. Unlike the first poem, "I" is used here to connote strength and singularity.